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Safety Net Hospital Constituency Section

Illinois' 40 safety net hospitals represent 19.1% of Illinois hospitals and are a major source of medical care for low-income, uninsured and vulnerable populations. Safety net hospitals are defined as hospitals that qualify by either:

  • Medicaid Inpatient Utilization Rate (MIUR)1 of at least 50%; OR
  • MUIR of at least 40% and a charity percent2 of at least 4%

Illinois' safety nets include a mix of both public and private hospitals; and provide essential health services--including specialty services--to individuals who otherwise would lack access to healthcare.

Our state's safety nets reflect the communities they serve and face a unique set of challenges influenced in large part by the economic conditions and other characteristics of their local communities. Illinois' safety net hospitals are:

  • Dependent on government funding
  • Facing significant operational challenges as a result of contracting with a majority of the Medicaid Managed Care Organizations in their service areas
  • Financially challenged
  • Major providers of behavioral healthcare--mental health and substance use disorder
  • Transforming healthcare
  • Economic engines
  • Enriching their communities

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1 Medicaid Inpatient Utilization Rate (MIUR) = Medicaid inpatient days/total inpatient days

2 Charity percent = charity charges/total hospital charges 


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