Illinois Hospital Association

Health Observances and Recognitions

The following information is provided by the Society for Healthcare Strategy & Market Development of the American Hospital Association.

March 2017
1-31: National Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month - During this month, cancer groups, hospitals and communities focus attention on preventing, treating and curing colorectal cancer. For more information, contact: Prevent Cancer Foundation; 703/837-3692 or

1-31: National Kidney Month - The National Kidney Foundation urges Americans to learn more about their kidneys and to take steps to preserve their kidney health. For more information, contact: National Kidney Foundation; 212/889-2210 or

1-31: National MS Education and Awareness Month - The Multiple Sclerosis Foundation and affiliated groups make an effort to raise the public's awareness of multiple sclerosis to promote an understanding of the scope of this disease, and to assist those with MS in making educated decisions about their healthcare. For more information, contact: Multiple Sclerosis Foundation; 800/225-6495 or

1-31: National Professional Social Work Month - An opportunity to recognize medical and public health social workers who provide psychosocial support to individuals and families, so they can cope with chronic, acute or terminal illnesses. For more information, contact: National Association of Social Workers;

12-18: Patient Safety Awareness Week - Healthcare organizations around the globe take part in this event by creating awareness in the community and utilizing the National Patient Safety Foundation educational resources with hospital staff and patients. For more information, contact: National Patient Safety Foundation; 617/391-9906 or

12-18: National Pulmonary Rehabilitation Week - Focuses national attention on pulmonary rehabilitation's contribution to enhancing the lives of people with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). For more information, contact: American Association of Cardiovascular and Pulmonary Rehabilitation; 312/321-5146 or

19-25: National Poison Prevention Week - Individuals, organizations and institutions around the country come together to raise poison prevention awareness and advocate for the nation's poison control system. For more information, contact: American Association of Poison Control Centers; 703/894-1864 or Illinois Poison Center; 312/906-6136 or

28: American Diabetes Association Alert Day - A one-day wake-up call asking Americans to take the Diabetes Risk Test to find out if they are at risk for developing Type 2 diabetes. For more information, contact: American Diabetes Association; 800/342-2383 or

30: National Doctors' Day - The first Doctors' Day was observed on March 30, 1933. For more information, contact: Southern Medical Association Alliance; 205/945-1840 or