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Behavioral Health Constituency Section

Through a steering committee, the Behavioral Health Constituency Section (BHCS) identifies issues and strategies that affect the quality and effectiveness of psychiatric and substance abuse care, and their integration and coordination with other areas of healthcare. The BHCS seeks to promote understanding of the nature of mental and substance use illnesses and to support providers as they serve persons with mental and substance use illnesses.

The BHCS has represented IHA's behavioral health members over the past 20 years on a number of critical payment, legislative and regulatory matters. Through this period, we have recognized not only the changing organizational structures within which our members operate, but also the ever more challenging environment within which they serve their patients.

As of January 1, 2016, ninety-three IHA institutional members offer behavioral health services through hospital-based inpatient and outpatient services, nine of which are freestanding psychiatric hospitals.

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